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At Computacare in London, we appreciate the massive investment companies make in high-tech office computer equipment. The build up of static electricity, grease, dust and human skin cells, saliva and human hair can quickly deteriorate the condition and efficiency of your hardware, and could ultimately lead to reduced performance or system failure.

A regular computer cleaning London service will reduce downtime from hardware failure, and guard against the loss of important data which can be caused by the build up of static electricity. This service is also a major contributor in reducing staff sickness by reducing exposure to harmful bacteria and pathogens present on office equipment. Tests have shown these to include MRSA, C-Difficile, E-Coli, Hepatitis A, B & C, as well flu variants such as bird and swine flu.

We work in close collaboration with a specialist developer and manufacturer of chemicals for use in the control of infection in the work place. We are currently using their most advanced product which is used extensively throughout the NHS and has a 60 second kill time for all those bacteria and viruses mentioned above. It also kills spores and fungi.  Computacare can carry out a microbial contamination test to measure the amount of bacteria present on machines and can recommend a cleaning schedule to deal with this problem. Reducing bacterial infection that causes staff illness can improve your company's efficiency and profitability.

All cleaning products and equipment used have been specially designed for use in the IT environment. Our operatives are trained to work in sensitive IT areas.

Our standard PC cleaning London includes processor, keyboard, mouse and monitor. In addition, we are able to offer the internal cleaning of processor units. Removing dust and contaminates internally greatly increases the efficiency of the unit and prevents overheating. We can also clean laptops, printers and extra monitors and keyboards.

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