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What is computer room cleaning?

Computer room cleaning involves the removal of dust, debris, static and other contaminants from the computer environment following an initial assessment of client/Data Centre requirements.

Why do we need our computer room cleaned?

Research by the I.T. industry has concluded that around 70% of hardware & storage failures are caused by environmental factors such as humidity, room temperature or dust particles. These contaminants may include concrete dust, carbon dust, metallic dust, paper dust and zinc whiskers.  Any of these elements can threaten computer mainframe and storage equilibrium.

What are the benefits of computer room cleaning?

A structured environmental cleaning programme helps to keep dust and static levels to a minimum within your I.T. facility. The level of clean will depend on the initial assessment. The frequency of cleans would reflect client requirements and could be anything from daily to annually. Lower dust and static levels would result in reduced failure rate, consistent availability of data, greater reliability and productivity and reduced power costs. A further benefit of regular cleaning is the enhanced environment for both staff and visitors.

Can we use our IT Technicians to clean our computer room?

Using highly skilled and expensive staff for technical cleaning may not be the best use of your company's resources. In addition they may well lack the specialist training, equipment and materials equired for professional computer room cleaning.

Why do my PCs and keyboards need regular cleaning?

Regular, anti-static protection cleaning will reduce downtime from hardware failure, and guard against the loss of important data due to static electricity.

Keyboards build up high levels of biological contamination which also needs to be treated. Computacare uses a specialist chemical approved for use in the NHS which is a bactericide, fungicide, viruscide and sporicide. This process sterilises keyboards leaving them hygienically clean and with a fresh pleasant scent.

What are the Health & Safety issues related to clean PCs?

PCs, keyboards and telephones are a known to build up large levels of bacteria. Regular technical cleaning and decontamination can reduce this proven cause of staff illness through bacterial infection - improving your company's overall efficiency and profitability.

Staff will appreciate the cleanliness and added health and safety protection of their PC equipment and telephones. Eye strain from dirty monitor screens is reduced and there will be less incidence of office wide infection. The environment is improved for both staff and visitors.

Can we use our site office cleaners to clean our PCs?

Yes you could, however this would not be advisable. Many of our clients have found to their cost it is best to avoid general office cleaning companies who may not have the specialist skills required for computer and Data Room cleaning. Computer cleaning and office cleaning are very different operations, and the level of training and competency of the staff used are in stark contrast. Similarly the techniques, disciplines, equipment and materials used when PCs and Computer equipment are NOT the same as those used in office cleaning. General office cleaning companies will not have appropriate insurance cover should anything go wrong in the cleaning process.

Will our day to day operations be affected during our scheduled clean?

Not at all. Scheduled cleans can be carried out to fit in with the client’s requirements. This could include live cleaning during office hours or out of hours cleaning. All Computacare staff are fully trained to be aware of potential hazards within sensitive areas. Safety is paramount and we will ensure that your operations will continue to run smoothly whilst the clinical clean and anti static treatments are in progress. Steps will be taken to ensure that temperature and humidity levels are not affected.

What value added will I get by using Computacare?

The high level of professionalism of Computacare staff ensures that when they carry out scheduled cleaning they take note of any issues or potential hazards and report back to the client. Such issues may include rodent damage, under floor problems, poor cable maintenance and evidence of water leakage. Any problems will be reported at the time and confirmed by email.

How can we justify the extra cost of an environmental cleaning programme?

Research by IBM TODAY has found that 'downtime can cost between £50,000 and £500,000 an HOUR'. Compared to these costs, the cost of a structured environment cleaning programme is negligible.

Experience shows that a regular PC/Telephone cleaning programme can pay for itself by reducing the number of staff days lost to illness

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