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By Different People

Telephones and Computers are contaminated with up to 25,123 germs per square inch.

How Clean Are They ?

The number of bacteria present on the mouth and earpieces ranged between 70 and 1400

Used Everyday

Did you know that the number one germ zone in your office is the telephone? In fact, researchers found that office phones,  were all contaminated with more germs than the office toilet seat.

Several Times a Day

Especially unsettling since most people eat lunch or a daytime snack at their desk up to three times per week.

Effective Telephone Hygiene Improve Your Company's Efficiency

Effective telephone hygiene and cleaning reduces the spread of bacteria and germs from your phones that can lead to staff sickness and lost productivity.

Telephones have been shown by extensive research to contain up to 1000x more bacteria per square inch than a keyboard. Keyboards are known to contain more bacteria per square inch than the average toilet seat. This shows the potential for infection if telephones are not regularly cleaned.

Recent outbreaks of flu variants have persuaded many of our clients to increase the frequency of their telephone cleaning schedule.

Computacare use a specially developed cleaner to kill all bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi on headsets and base units.

Boosting productivity and morale

Staff will appreciate the cleanliness of their telephone equipment and its added health and safety protection. In addition, this low-cost service helps to improve employee efficiency and productivity by reducing a proven cause of staff illness through bacterial infection.

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